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Junio 21, 2019
Author: Camila Álvarez
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Recent statistics published on Business2Community reveals that more than 50% of all online traffic across the globe comes from mobile devices. In fact, more than 80% of social media’s total advertising revenue is from mobile ads. This just proves how dominant digital marketing has become. In Maryville University’s evaluation of the marketing industry, they found that by 2017 digital advert spending had already surpassed TV ad spend. E-commerce site owners need to take advantage of this shift to digital marketing and recognize how mobile advertising is essential to the growth of their business. 

Here are some of the eCommerce best practices in mobile marketing that you can apply to your own e-commerce business: 

Get an influencer

Target Marketing notes that 2019 is the year of influencer marketing with campaign results showing how it’s a time- and cost-effective way to reach new potential customers. Having an influencer vouch for your online services also gives your marketing campaigns more authority and a more organic feel. Apart from that, getting an influencer allows you to reach niche online markets that traditional marketing avenues can’t reach. With many potential customers using their phones to keep up with the latest trends, influencers are the best way to get your product advertised on their device.

Make compelling videos

Videos are easily one of the most effective ways to market your e-commerce business because it gives a clear view of your selling points. Online videos are also easier to share and consume, which means you’re more likely to reach new people who use their phones for online browsing and social media. Make your videos as engaging, timeless, relatable, and shareable as possible. 

Opt for a mobile-friendly design

Consumers often make a purchase online when the sites they visit are laid out in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly manner. Business Matters Magazine explains your web presence must be optimized for mobile display as Google prioritizes these sites. There are numerous free e-commerce website templates online that you can use. Pick one that isn’t overly complicated and will translate well to a small screen. Text should be concise and the layout should be clean and simple.

Make the checkout process simple

Mobile users navigate e-commerce sites with one finger and your checkout process should be flawless and intuitive. Put checkout buttons where they can be easily seen, but make sure they won’t impede users while they’re reading through your content. You can also add a call-to-action at the top part of the page, to help lead to more purchases. Impresee recommends you check out your consumer data to help you get to know your customers better. Data will allow you to customize promotions and shopping experiences so you can create a more personalized relationship.

A huge part of how you can use mobile marketing to your advantage relies heavily on the data that your e-commerce site generates. Do users actually buy the products they put in their carts? What time of the day is best to release ads? How often should you put out promotions? Data and mobile marketing strategies go hand in hand and must be taken on-board in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Article contributed by Nicole Foster

Nicole Foster is a blogger who follows and writes about the latest marketing trends. Her main interest is evaluating how new innovations in E-commerce and mobile technology will impact society. She believes that there needs to be a greater understanding of how technology will benefit the business community.

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