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Our solutions feature MINIMAL integration on your part.

Pricing packages are available to clients of all sizes.

Extend the reach of your product catalog beyond your web page. See your products spread virally on Social Media and capitalize on your user’s social network.

Create marketing campaigns that are interactive, engaging, fun, while increasing brand awareness and conversion rates.

Data Analytics: Get daily reports to see what your clients are searching for, including: images, prouct categories and shopping trends per geographical region.

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We are dedicated to innovating in the search experience of your users, looking to generate greater engagement and brand loyalty.

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#hashtoc is an “intelligent hashtag tool” that enables interactive marketing campaigns on social media. Its aim is to capitalize on social networks to make your products go viral! Allow your clients to search via hashtag & mentions, while getting direct results linked to your website. Our AI-powered technology searches your product catalog instantaneously and responds to the user via comments/mentions directly under their original post.


Take your Site Search experience to a whole new level with Vsearch. Our solution enables 3 search functionalities for your website: Image, Sketch and Text search. Increase the conversion rates on your e-commerce site, by delivering exact matches fast. Furthermore, turn your Customer Journey into an experience that is fast, memorable and FUN!


Gather usage data from your Visual Search tools to make educated decisions regarding product availability and positioning within your website. See what your clients are looking for, including: images they use, geographical location, CTR’s + more!

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600 California Street, 11 Floor
San Francisco, CA. 94108.
Tel: +1 (415) 903-0467

Estado 360 of 702, Santiago, Chile / Tel: (+56 2) 2247 4691