Visual Search that will amaze you 😉

Search-by-Photo and Search-by-Sketch to have fun and promote your store

3 ways Impresee works for you

Add Visual Search to your e-commerce with minimal effort. Visitors can snap the product they are looking for or they just can draw the shape of it.

Extend your store beyond your web site with our unique search-by-hashtag feature.

See what people are looking for and discover your most popular products and trends.

The future of Visual Search on your E-Commerce today

Take your website experience to a whole new level with CreativeSearch featuring: Search-by-Photo, Search-by-Sketch and Search-by-Hashtag. We provide modules for popular eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify, so you can start using CreativeSearch on your store in just minutes!


#hashtoc is an “intelligent hashtag tool” that enables interactive marketing campaigns on social media. Its aim is to capitalize on social networks to make your products go viral! Allow your clients to search via hashtag and mentions, while getting direct results to your website.


Gather usage data from your Visual Search tools to make educated decisions regarding product availability and positioning within your website. See what your clients are looking for, including: images they use, geographical location, CTR’s + more!

Total search by Sketchs

Total search by images


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Global HQ:
600 California Street, 11 Floor

San Francisco, CA. 94108.
(+56 2) 2247 4691
Estado 360 of 702, Santiago.

(+57) 316 2549757

Costa Rica:
(+506) 2505 2604
(+506) 8822 0692