Learn more about some of our actions directly applied to different markets in more detail.

2022 Christmas Trends Report

One of the dates with the highest sales in eCommerce. Find out which long tail keywords appear almost every Christmas, and increase traffic of inbound marketing strategies.

2022 Baby & Kids Trends

Find out which are the most important keywords in this competitive eCommerce industry and apply them in your future PPC strategies, increasing ROAS x2.

perfumes insights

2022 Perfume trends & Insights

Learn how the most recognized perfume brands are searched and what impact they have on the global market. Discover new hashtags related to these luxury brands.

Case Study – Work Tops

Discover how, thanks to our visual search technology, a stone covering and interior design company became a brand reference in the UK.  As of today, Work-tops has reduced their customer service requests by 50% thanks to our customer-based insights.