Boost your e-commerce with the best search bar for Woocomerce

Increase your sales in your e-commerce, discovering keywords and trends of your customers.

Some Woocommerce stores already using us:

More than a WordPress plugin, we are a strategic partner for our clients.

More than a search engine, a sales assistant

Improve the shopping experience of visitors by implementing a fast and personalized predictive search engine with Artificial Intelligence.

Prevent customer churn by showing them what they are looking for.

A. Dynamic promotional

Reinforce your marketing campaigns by personalizing search results by KEYWORDS.

Display configurable dynamic banners to lead your customers to specific landings, categories or brands.

B. Suggested searches

We show your customers an optimized and personalized search listing according to their navigation.

C. Product highlights

We increase your sales by dynamically and automatically displaying the best products of your online store according to the search behavior and interaction of each customer.

Create advanced filters

Make it easy for your customers to search and make navigation in your store fast and simple with flexible filters that can be adapted to any attribute, tag, variable, brand and category of your products.

D. Optimized for Mobile

Optimized design for small screens, with great accessibility.

Intelligent filters

Create specific filters for categories, lines or brands.
These will only be displayed if required by the user's navigation.

Image search

Complement your smart bar search experience with state-of-the-art technology.

E. Object recognition

Our visual search algorithm will allow you to identify the different objects that exist in an image, so that you can search for each of these products.

Know your customers and what they are looking for

F Visibility and performance of Keywords in your store.


G • Product sales funnel better positioned in my e-Commerce.


H • Geolocation of users with purchase intentions.

I Visibility and performance of Keywords in your store.


J • Searches without results.


K •

  • Search groups
  • User profiling
  • Experiment results

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