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How can I start using this plugin?

You just need to download the plugin and follow the instructions. Please note that, in most cases, the process will include creating an Impresee account.

What happens if I exceed the search limit of my plan?

Each plan has a fixed cost for every 100 extra searches. The value of these can be found at www.impresee.com/pricing

Do I need to configure my catalog to start using the visual or creative search?

No, our AI-based algorithm will do all the work for you! Our algorithms will automatically pick all the store’s products and index them. That way, visitors will be able to search through your catalog without you having to configure anything.

What should I do to change my plan?

You just have to login into your Impresee dashboard. Then, go to the Subscription section and select the desired plan.

Who can I contact if I have any doubts?

Please contact our support team at support@impresee.com.

How often does the search engine synchronize the catalog?

By default, our app will synchronize your catalog every 6 hours. You can make a request at support@impresee.com  to modify this periodicity.

Can I make use of this technology in a mobile app?

Yes. Impresee’s technology is available through APIs. You can have direct access to them by subscribing to an ENTERPRISE plan.

What forms of payment are there?

You can pay your recurrent subscription via Stripe with your credit card. Paying an annual subscription will grant you a 20% discount.

? Features

How can I configure synonyms for my search bar?

Synonyms can be configured from your Impresee control panel. To do so, you have to go to the Synonyms tab, download the excel sheet, add the desired synonyms to it, save the file back, and upload it. To get more details you can find a tutorial at this link.

Where can I find the advanced data analytics?

First, you need to login into the Impresee control panel. Then, find the “most clicked products” analytics card.  At the bottom of it, you’ll find a “see more” button.

Click on it, and an Excel sheet will start downloading! This one will feature all the data on the performance of your store and the behavior of your customers!

How can I create new filters?

Filters can be configured from your Impresee control panel. To do so, you have to go to the Filters tab, download the excel sheet,  add a new row for each filter, save the file back, and upload it. To get more details you can find a tutorial at this link.

How can I change the order of results for a specific search?

You can change the order of your search results by using the “Boost products” functionality. Download the excel sheet, add the products that you want to boost, save the file, and upload it back again. To get more details you can find a tutorial at this link.

Can I change the style of my bar (Colors, font size, icons, ..)?

Yes. You just need to go to the Impresee control panel, and then to the customize tab. There you will find all the fields you can customize.

? Plugins

Can I install Impresee technology on an older version of Magento?

Our module only works on Magento 2,  however, we can integrate our services in any version of Magento. 

If you have a store that uses Magento 1, please contact us at support@impresee.com.

How can I make my search bar load faster?

Our search bar will be loaded once your Shopify store has finished loading. To have it load faster you can manually integrate our script into your theme. If you need more information on this, please contact us at support@impresee.com.

Can I use this plugin in any other WordPress e-commerce platform?

For the time being our plugin only works for products in WooCommerce stores. If you have any other e-commerce platform please contact us at support@impresee.com. Then, we’ll make sure to find a way to integrate our search bar into your store!  

Where can I find Impresee's AddOn?

You can find our addOn on the official PrestaShop marketplace. We can also share it with you if you want! You just need to contact us at support@impresee.com.

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