Apple Vision Pro: The future of e-commerce?
June 14, 2023
Author: Rodrigo Garcia
Apple Vision Pro e-commerce

In a world where technology advances at a rapid pace, Apple introduces its latest product: Apple Vision Pro.

But what impact could Apple Vision Pro have on the e-commerce industry?

  • Redefining User Experience

Apple has always been a pioneer in providing exceptional user experiences, and with Apple Vision Pro, they promise to take it even further.

The Spatial User Experience (Spatial UX) is expected to become a common expectation, offering customers a sense of depth and presence when interacting with eCommerce products and experiences.

However, how will consumers react to this new way of interacting? Only time will tell.


  • The Evolution of 2D Photos

With Apple Vision Pro, 2D product photos could become a thing of the past. 3D product experiences and 3D assets are expected to become a standard for digital shopping.

Will e-commerce be up to the challenge of supporting this new technology and superior 3D experiences?


  • Enhancing Omnichannel Experiences

Apple Vision Pro underscores the importance of bringing immersive environments, objects, and experiences to physical reality. This is perfect for implementation in physical stores and enhancing brand and product experiences.

This would focus on customer loyalty to the same brand and specific product launches. What type of content will be most suitable for physical stores, and what role will these experiences play in the consumer journey?


apple vision pro presentation

Source: Apple Vision Pro presentation


  • More Than Insights

Apple Vision Pro could open new opportunities to understand user behavior and preferences. Using advanced technologies in Apple Vision Pro, this device could potentially read user expressions, thus gaining insights into emotions.

Will this type of information be applied for hyper-segmentation without violating Apple’s privacy guidelines?


  • The Uncertainty of Adoption

The widespread adoption of Apple Vision Pro is not guaranteed. How will brands prepare for this uncertainty?

Apple Vision Pro’s potential to revolutionize the eCommerce industry is undeniable, promising to create more attractive and personalized shopping experiences. However, it also presents challenges.

Initially, retailers will need to invest in this new technology to train and take advantage of Apple Vision Pro’s capabilities. Additionally, the high price of Apple Vision Pro is a significant barrier to its short-term widespread adoption.


Despite these challenges, Apple Vision Pro presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation in the e-commerce industry.

E-commerce and retailers adopting this new technology could differentiate themselves from their competitors, offering unique shopping experiences and potentially increasing sales.


Watch the Apple Vision Pro presentation here:

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