Customer loyalty in e-commerce: 6 strategies for your store.
November 9, 2023
Customer loyalty in e-commerce

When you have your online store, the goal is to attract new customers to buy your products, know your business, and identify your brand. While this is one of the main objectives, you should pay attention to customer loyalty in e-commerce.

When we talk about customer loyalty in e-commerce, we refer to a concept that should always be present in your store’s strategic and commercial processes.

Customer loyalty is to achieve, with the help of different marketing and sales techniques, that your customers remain loyal to your products and services.


Why is customer loyalty important?

Retaining customers is a constant process, which involves maintaining positive and lasting communication with clients.

Loyalty helps maintain an effective connection that can also transform your customers into the main ambassadors of your brand to new visitors who come to your store.

It is a process that takes time and knowledge of your customer’s buying behavior, to be able to give them an effective follow-up, according to their tastes and needs.

That’s why here are 6 important strategies for your e-commerce loyalty plan. You will love the last ones…


6 strategies to consider for your customer loyalty plan in e-commerce.


1. Maintain closeness with your clients

People should know how to contact you if they have any questions about your products.

Your communication channels must be clear and easy to access; direct contact chats, active social networks, telephone, and mail, are some options.

The more contact channels you offer and actively handle, the more confidence your visitors will have to reach you.


2. Solve any doubt or existing problem

If you make a mistake in the purchase process or there is a problem with your service, an immediate solution for customer satisfaction can make the problem go away.

Remember that a loyal customer is your best ambassador.

A list of frequently asked questions can also be very helpful for any doubt or situation.

Every customer is important and every problem has a solution.


3. Acknowledgments in your own handwriting

Beware of automated actions that are too generic, this is why we emphasize knowing your customers and following up with them effectively.

Surprising your customers is continuous work.

A personalized message, a note written in your own handwriting can make the difference; when they receive it, they will remember your store much more.


4. Boost your email marketing campaigns

One of the most powerful and versatile tools when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty in e-commerce, it is also one of the tools that generates the most conversions.

Thanks to email marketing you can establish a direct relationship, which must be continuous and stable, within the buyer’s journey of those who have purchased your products and have become your customers.

Within your commercial strategy, you cannot ignore email marketing campaigns since they are a fundamental point for customer loyalty in e-commerce.

You must make sure that the emails you send them are effective and valuable since this is a continuous development channel between your store and your customers; every detail matters.


Reward the loyalty of your customers in e-commerce.


5. Offer personalized discounts

Implementing a loyalty strategy that unifies the experience ensures a greater chance of repurchase by your customers.

Offering personalized discounts, coupons, or gift cards can help you sell more, build customer loyalty, and get more people to know you.

Always remember to personalize your campaigns to the behaviors and tastes of your customers.

If you also have a brick-and-mortar store, generating omnichannel loyalty strategies can unify the customer experience and achieve better performance.

Discounts are a strategy that can lead to great results with your e-commerce, but you should use it with moderation and seriousness.


6. Organize a loyalty plan

As a final result of the points mentioned above, the best way to retain your customers is with a correct loyalty plan.

Knowing your customers in-depth and in an organized way is fundamental to succeed in your business.

Analyze their relevant data and adapt your strategies to give specific value to the various customer segments you can identify.



Certainly, we can already identify that, in order to have an e-commerce that stands out and is certainly highly competitive, you must have a robust and strategic e-commerce customer loyalty plan.

90% of online shoppers admit that a good search and browsing experience is a key purchase driver.

68% of all shoppers who have a good experience return to e-commerce.

With Impresee, you can create micro-segmentations based on customer behavior, from searches performed to abandoned carts.

These insights can be essential to refine your e-commerce customer loyalty strategies, dramatically and successfully improving conversions in your online store.