eCommerce Christmas experience
November 5, 2020
Author: Rodrigo Garcia
christmas analytics

Christmas is coming, one of the key dates for businesses, since for some it means a large part of the annual revenue. Also, due to COVID the great focus on purchases for this Christmas will be on eCommerce. Therefore, it is clear that you’ll have to give a huge focus to you eCommerce Christmas experience.

There is no doubt that in order to have a better conversion rate on key dates, you need to consider a series of basic elements. These elements include: social media campaigns, the performance of your website, shipping logistics and user experience. This last variable is essential when it comes to having your visitors stay, share content and finally decide to buy something.


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The eCommerce experience in the Christmas season

User experience in eCommerce has gained greater importance this year of pandemic. This fact has led stores to implement a series of improvements, which were not taken into account previously. This includes, implementing faster and more dynamic search bars, pop up games or loyalty programs.

Let’s not forget that having a great user experience without measurement is but an experiment. Consequently, you will not be able to make future improvements, or even analyze whether visitors enjoy visiting your site or not. That is why we recommend all changes to be analyzed, measured and tracked to obtain the best insights from users.

The Christmas experience challenge

This Christmas, the great challenge for eCommerce is to recreate the typical holiday experience. The one that people experienced when entering a brick-and-mortar store that was decorated with Christmas lights, scents and even with Santa himself. Online store need to find a way to approach this intangible factor where emotions and memories were triggered in favor of making sales.

With this challenge in mind, we have created “Christmas Mode”! This is  tool that will help online store owners build a memorable Christmas experience for their customers.

Impresee’s “Christmas mode”

“Christmas Mode” is a new feature to our “Creative Search & Analytics” app. This app has a very fast and predictive text search. “Creative Search & Analytics” also features image search and drawing search technologies. But that’s not all, it also has an advanced dashboard that allows you to measure and analyze every interaction your visitors have with the search bar. For example: the most visible product or category, or even which of them has the best conversion rate. In addition, you can also use the app to find most used keyword when purchasing. “Creative Search & Analytics” is available for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Jumpseller, and others!

To use “Christmas Mode”, first you need to install “Creative Search & Analytics”. Then, you just activate the app, enable “Christmas Mode”, and voila! You will have your Christmas search bar in your store.

By enabling “Christmas mode” you’ll see that a Chrismas looking button when clicking on a search result. This button will allow your visitors to send their own Christmas letter to their friends and loved ones! The letter will have a direct link to the item. Visitors will be able to share it through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They will be able to share the letter with their contacts, as a way of telling them that they would like that product as a gift.

The Impresee effect

With this kind of experience you’ll be able to increase the number of visits to your site and sales for this Christmas. All of this in a creative and magical way. Just remember, the most important thing is that you’ll be able to periodically obtain metrics. For instance: track search trends, the keywords with the most conversions and others. These will allow you to improve your marketing campaigns for this Christmas, and even the effectiveness of the search engine itself. Which you can improve by adding synonyms and custom filters.

As Impresee, we want to help all kinds of stores capitalize on this magical Christmas experience.
Therefore, we have included two types of Christmas themes to choose from: a playful Santa theme and a Neutral Christmas theme.

Don’t wait any longer and give your online store a Christmas look today. Feature now and experience that will have everyone talking!