How ChatGPT can help you in eCommerce
March 10, 2023
Author: Rodrigo Garcia
ChatGPT can help you in eCommerce

In this post, we present how ChatGPT can help you with an eCommerce business.

Before starting, it is essential to know that for you to be able to capitalize on ChatGPT, you must pay special attention to the keywords you’ll use on the prompt. It might, otherwise, get lost in delusions related to your request.


Keywords work as an anchor and guide for ChatGPT when generating a response; That is why we recommend that you have a complete understanding of the keywords of your online business and all the keywords that your own clients use.

Artificial intelligence has finally reached everyone’s reach. As of November 20, 2022, ChatGPT was released to the public so that people could have a conversation with it (as if it were another person) or simply use it to consult the most curious data you can imagine.

Since a couple of weeks ago, the name ChatGPT has taken center stage in the news, feeds, and stories on social media, showing how this AI can facilitate daily tasks in our work: from creating content to even programming apps and websites.

Now we introduce you to 5 ways in which ChatGPT AI (powered by good keywords) can help you with your eCommerce:


powered by keywords


  • Content creation

You can ask ChatGPT to create a content grid based on relevant topics for your eCommerce. Best of all, it will consider keywords related to your business so that it becomes better indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing (SEO). You can give ChatGPT exact indications of the number of words you want your post to be up to its tone, such as intriguing, cheerful, close, formal, etc.


  • Product sheet optimization

Improving titles, descriptions, tags, categories, etc. of each product sheet is fundamental since these usually work as landing pages for sites that use Google Shopping. With ChatGPT + Impresee you can find out which search terms have the best CTR or Conversion Rate in your eCommerce and thus be able to adapt the contents of these product sheets to these search terms.


  • Paid campaign optimization

I think this is one of the easiest benefits to apply. Both Impresee and ChatGPT can be your best ally when it comes to optimizing your campaign budget: First, Impresee will help you automatically identify and group all long-tail keywords in your eCommerce and then you’ll be able to use them with ChatGPT to create unique variations of them.


  • Creating custom response templates

Another useful application of ChatGPT is to create automated email templates for your clients during their customer journey. For example, you can quickly create welcome emails, payment confirmations, and even newsletters! Creating titles with keywords that you know your customers use to search, or topics related to your brand.


  • Generation of hashtags or labels

Today hashtags have become a search tool on different social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube among others. They also fulfill an SEO function in each of the internal search engines of these social networks, playing the role of tags or metadata for the acquisition of new subscribers. Chat GPT can give you a wide list of hashtags related to a single keyword.


impresee keywords

Remember that to capitalize on this technology the first step is to know which keywords are relevant to your business. To obtain these keywords you can use Impresee, which extracts all searches and interactions that are made in your eCommerce and transforms them into invaluable keywords for your marketing and SEO strategies.

Then you can enter here, to start using ChatGPT and become an active AI user to grow your business.