Product Data Feed Specification (CSV)

The set of products to perform the search is defined in a file containing all the active products, including their images, categories, and texts.


Impresee CSV specification v1.0

The set of products to perform the searches can be described via a CSV. This file contains all product information that is required to perform searches and display search results: categories, images, and product textual attributes. The CSV file has the following structure:

Id Title URL Image URL [Description] [Price] [Category] [Normal Price]

The different values must be specified between double quotes (” “). Values must be separated using commas (“,“). Values between [ ] are currently optional. In case that the value doesn’t exist it must be left blank (example: “value ,, value”). Note that the order of the columns is fixed, that means that the first column is the sku value, the second one is the product title and so on.

  • The Id attribute defines the product code, which must be unique inside the catalog. Typically, it is the SKU of the product, though it may be any other ID.
  • The Title corresponds to the title (or name) of the product.
  • The URL attribute is the link to the e-commerce page, where product details can be found.
  • The Image URL attribute is a public URL where the first image of each product, that is the main one. Impresee’s servers will download the product image from this URL.
  • The Description attribute corresponds to the detailed description of the product. This description is used in the text-based search.
  • The Price attribute is the price of the product.
  • The Category attribute defines de category which the product belongs to.

An example of a catalog in this format can be found below:


  • Do NOT include the header (with the name of the columns) as the first row of the file.
  • If any value contains a comma (,), the value MUST be surrounded by double quotes.
  • Any special character (new line character, double quotes, among others) must be escaped.

Synchronization of the product data feed

In the Impresee administration console you can set the URL where to download the file, the file format (XML, CSV or other) and the update frequency, whether a time of day (eg at 00:00), every certain period of time (eg every 2 hours), manually, etc.

In the case of automatic updating, when the time criterion is met,  Impresee downloads the URL, processes the downloaded data and updates the products in the search engine.

For the  manual updates, you have to access the Impresee administration console and click on the update button. You can also invoke the following service to trigger a catalog update: 


To obtain your catalog_code please contact us at support@impresee.com.