Product Data Feed Specification (XML)

The set of products to perform the search is defined in a file containing all the active products, including their images, categories, and texts.


Impresee XML specification v2.0

E-commerce platforms offer different tools to export products in different formats. Impresee supports different catalog formats from many platforms. A possible format is the following:

The XML must contain all active products and their attributes. These attributes are used to configure the text search, visual search and filters.

The mandatory attributes for each product are the following:

  • <id> unique identifier of the product. It must be unique in the entire catalog.
  • <url> URL of the product sheet
  • <name> product name
  • <price>  price of the product shown to the user
  • <price_from> previous or list price of the product. It is used to compute the discount. 
  • <main_image> URL of the product image used. It is used in the visual search and also to show results . When processing the catalog, the image is downloaded from that URL.

The optional attributes are as follows:

  • <description> Text with the long description of the product.
  • <main_category>  Text with the product category. A category tree is separated by /. For example: Decoration / Lamps / Floor Lamps
  • <product_vendor> Text with the brand of the product.
  • <parent_code> It is used to group variants. Products with the same parent_code are grouped into a single result.
  • <secondary_image1>, <secondary_image2>, etc. extra images of the product. It is possible to define the visual search to also use these images. You can include as many images as necessary
  • <secondary_category1>, <secondary_category2>, etc.  other product categories. You can define as many categories as necessary
  • <atributo>  you can define all the attributes of the products you need. Afterward you have to configure the use of each attribute, whether as a filter, search field, sort, or data to display. For example <size>, <color>, <brand>, <material>, <new>, <stock>, etc.

Synchronization of the product data feed

In the Impresee administration console you can set the URL where to download the file, the file format (XML, CSV or other) and the update frequency, whether a time of day (eg at 00:00), every certain period of time (eg every 2 hours), manually, etc.

In the case of automatic updating, when the time criterion is met,  Impresee downloads the URL, processes the downloaded data and updates the products in the search engine.

For the  manual updates, you have to access the Impresee administration console and click on the update button. You can also invoke the following service to trigger a catalog update: 


To obtain your catalog_code please contact us at support@impresee.com.