The one intelligent search + data science for your eCommerce

We are the best ally for your digital and commercial marketing team by allowing them to work in an omnichannel way with the keywords, insights, and trends of your eCommerce.

More than a search engine, a sales assistant

Transform your search bar into the primary source of knowledge for your customers—fast, predictive search with business intelligence.

Suggested searches

We show your customers an optimized and personalized keyword list according to their navigation.

Dynamic promotional banners

Strengthen your Marketing campaigns by personalizing the search results by keywords. Display dynamic banners to take your customers to landings, categories, or specific brands.

Smart filters

Create specific filters for categories or brands. These will only be displayed if required by the user’s navigation.

Promoted products

We increase your sales, automatically and dynamically exposing the best products of your online store according to the search behavior and interaction of each client.

Search by image

Our visual search algorithm will allow us to identify the different objects that exist in an image, in order to be able to search by similarity for each of these products.

Opt for a better search and insights:

We work in a personalized way with each of our clients, giving them the information and insights they require.

Our search bar improves the UX of your site for your visitors and also captures data to optimize key areas of your eCommerce such as:

SEO, SEM, buyer persona, content strategy, and more!

F Visibility and performance of keywords in your store
G • Sales funnel for the best positioned products in your eCommerce
H • Geolocation of users with purchase intent
I Visibility and performance of keywords in your store
J • Searches without results
K •
  • Search groups
  • User profiling
  • Experiments & results

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