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Data Science for the financial industry

How can I benefit from my data?

Forming a group of data science specialists requires time and money, and simply using traditional analytics tools does not allow differentiation.

Impresee DS Framework + Data scientists

We combine our
Impresee DS Framework with professional consulting services from our experts.

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Differentiate your bank from the competition with personalized data-driven management. Engage your customers by offering them the right products at the right time.

Reasons to work with Impresee DS

A unique team of specialists at your service

Our data scientists team consists of prominent researchers and engineers, who have been internationally recognized for their publications in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer vision, and also for their experience working on real life projects.

José Saavedra

PhD. Computer Science

Data Scientist

Camila Álvarez

MSc. Computer Science

Data Scientist

Juan Barrios

PhD. Computer Science

Data Scientist

Anibal Fuentes

Electrical engineer

Data Scientist

Mauricio Palma

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Impresee Data Science Framework

We combine Impresee’s advanced browsing, search and analytics technologies with the client’s platform and with Google Analytics. Thus capturing all the necessary data to describe and model the online experience, discover patterns, and predict future scenarios.

We work together as a team

We work alongside our clients in the implementation of our framework, and to get the most out of their data based on their business objectives.

We believe that sharing our tools awith our clients is the best way to project a fruitful collaboration.

Our experience supports us

We’re the latin american company with the most scientific publications on artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Our search and navigation services for eCommerce are used by more than 100 stores all around the globe.

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Rodrigo Garcia


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