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Our Research Area

Our research is mainly related to Artificial Intelligence with emphasis in Computer vision and Natural Languale Processing. Our team works in problems related with searching by pictures and sketches, video based retrieval, and NLP for e-commerce.

Sketch Based Image Retrieval

Sketch based image retrieval (SBIR) is a growing field in computer vision that consists in retrieving a collection of photos resembling a sketch query. Aiming to make the querying process as easy as possible, the input query is formulated as a simple hand-drawing, composed uniquely of strokes. In this way, people just need to draw what they are looking for, or what they are thinking of.

Searching by Images

Searching by images allows people to find products just by simply sending a picture resembling what they are looking for. In this way, the searching engine can leverage the whole semantic included in the image itself. Furthermore, to increase the retrieval performance, images require to be split into theirs semantic parts.

NLP for e-commerce

NLP deals with processing and understanding natural language data. We conduct different works aiming to improve the effectiveness of search engines through NLP based approaches.


Research Leads

José M. Saavedra

Director of Impresee Labs. PhD in Computer Science, University of Chile.

Research Areas: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition

José M. Saavedra

José M. Saavedra

Director of Impresee Labs. PhD in Computer Science, University of Chile


Research Areas: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition

Juan Barrios

CEO of Impresee. PhD in Computer Science, University of Chile.

Research Areas: Multimedia Information Retrieval, Computer Vision, Data Mining, NLP


Juan Barrios

Juan Barrios

Director of Impresee Labs. PhD in Computer Science, University of Chile


Research Areas: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition

We are involved in the development of innovative models in areas like computer vision, data analytics and NLP, looking to bring a great impact to wordwide industries. We keep a talented team specilized in accelerating technology transfer from the research to the business world.

José M Saavedra



Pablo Torres

Sketch based Retrieval

Catalina Contreras

Visual Recommendation

Jean Cherubini

One-shot detection

Javier Morales

Unsupervised Learning for SBIR

Lukas Pavez

Non-Local Features

Andres Baloian

Attribute based Retrieval

Cristobal Loyola

One-Shot Detection





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DOI: 10.2312/3DOR/3DOR13/089-096

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